The Extreme Gerês Marathon isn’t supposed to be like other marathons. It is unique in the world!
What makes it different from the others? The specific characteristics of the place where it is held – the roads of the only Portuguese National Park, right in the middle of Gerês. In this marathon, joining speed to elevation gain creates a substantially different and higher difficulty.

Running in Gerês is always a charming experience, whatever the season, but the colour palette painting the National Park at the end of autumn creates such stunning and breath-taking landscapes that make this race as beautiful as hard!


Thursday 30th November

05:00 pm – 08:00 pm – Distribution of race bibs (Oporto, place to be defined)

Friday 1st December

9:00 am – 10:00 am – Secretariat opening (Auditorium – Vila do Gerês)
11:00 am – Start Extreme Mile
03:00 pm – Cultural Program (Communitarian Village of Ermida) | Registrations – Sérgio Gonçalves: - 966021718
04:00 pm – 08:00 pm – Secretariat opening (Auditorium – Vila do Gerês)

Saturday 2nd December

07:00 am – Secretariat opening (Auditorium – Vila do Gerês)
08:30 am – Secretariat closing
08:30 am – Bus departure for the 2nd segment’s athletes 42 Km relay (near Colunata)
09:00 am –Start Extreme Gerês Marathon for athletes participating in the following races: 42 km, 42 km relay – 1st segment – and 13 Km
09:10 am– Start 21 km
09:45 am –Bus departure for the 3rd segment’s athletes (42 km relay), near the bus stop, behind the Adega Bar (Universal Hotel)
01:30 pm – Prize giving ceremony
05:00 pm – End of the event

Residencial Horizonte do Gerês

Residencial Ribeiro

Hotel S. Bento

Adelaide Hotel

Hostel Gerês

Eh Gerês Hotel

Home Gerês Hostel

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